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Car Air Freshener

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Lasting 4-6 weeks these car air fresheners are not only stylish but work great! You control how much fragrance you would like! Simple unscrew the lid, remove the plastic plug, put the lid back on, turn over a few seconds, and enjoy as the lid diffuses the fragrance throughout your car!

Hawaiin Lemonade-This fresh fragrance has you dreaming of a backyard party. Fresh watermelon and lemonade slushy.

New Car-This scent reminds you of the smell you get when you buy a brand new car.

Phoenix-Crisp citrus and shimmering bergamot combine to add a sparkling accent to this fougere blend. A blend of fresh fern, lavender and jasmine. Similar to Black Ice Fragrance.

Sweet Orange- is juicy and refreshingly sweet, Orange is a aromatherapy oil for creating a bright and invigorating feeling.

Strawberries & Cream-The smell of sweet strawberries with vanilla whipped topping

Lavender-Lavender essential oil is one of the most well-known essential oils in aromatherapy

Rose-Fresh picked roses.

Cedarwood-Cedarwood essential oil has an earthy and woodsy scent. It is also believed to calm and sooth nerves.